Tour Life

Travel and live music are our two favorite things. Combining them? That’s heaven on earth for us. Our current digital nomad lifestyle requires that we have to travel for any music. This is where you’ll learn all about our concert-going experiences. So get in the van cause it’s time to go on tour!

We Hope You Have a Good Time: A Phish Fall Tour 2021 Recap

Some people spend their vacation lounging by the pool with a good book. Others take the kids to Disney World. We prefer to spend ours following four goofy middle-aged dads around the country. Anyone who says Disney is the happiest place on Earth clearly hasn’t been on Phish tour. We …

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Best 2016

Best of 2016

Most people would say that 2016 was a pretty awful year. We lost David Bowie and Prince and gained a childish orangutan as President. Speaking of primates – we’ll never forget you, Harambe! Flint had poisoned water, Brexit happened, and that was just the bread on this shit sandwich of a year. …

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Month of Music (Part Two)

Our Month of Music (Part Two)

This summer we embarked on a “Month of Music,” traversing the country seeing some of our favorite bands in a handful of the best venues out there. After catching Phish at Wrigley Field and Deer Creek, Umphrey’s at Red Rocks, and Widespread Panic in Vegas, we headed up to the …

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