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The Digital Nomad Income Blueprint

This free course is designed for anyone who wants to create a sustainable income stream (or multiple) while living a location-independent lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a remote job or want to start a remote business, this course will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

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How to Travel the World as an Online English Teacher

Teaching English Online gives you the freedom to travel and live where you want while earning a steady income from your laptop. This free guide explains how. It’s packed with actionable info so you know exactly how to get started and hit the road.

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7 Tips + Resources to Help You Travel Smarter

Learn how to make your money stretch. Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. This e-book is chock full of our best packing and money-saving tips to help you travel more often and keep you on the road longer. Download your copy and learn how to travel the savvy way. 

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11 Things No One Tells You About Digital Nomad Life

Digital nomad life is great but there are obstacles along the road to creating a sustainable life of travel. They’ve caused some people to give up on the lifestyle entirely. Don’t let that be you! Snag this e-book to hear the struggles of real-life digital nomads and how they coped. 

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5-Step Roadmap to Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Turn your dream of location independence into reality! Living the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t an unattainable thing only meant for “lucky” people. This lifestyle is definitely possible, you just need a roadmap to show you how to get there.

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How to Teach English Online, Even With No Classroom Experience

Gain the freedom to work from anywhere, make your own schedule, and have more time for the things you love. During this masterclass you’ll learn the 3 ways to teach English online, the mindset you need to adopt to be successful, and how much you can earn. 


Our Favorite Tools

Stuff we use (and love) to travel like pros, teach English online, & create content


Digital Nomad Insurance

Getting insurance as a digital nomad can be tricky. SafetyWing offers both digital nomad insurance and remote health insurance at an affordable price. We use them and highly recommend them. Check out our review here.


Follow-Along Workouts

Your health is important as a digital nomad but staying in shape on the road isn’t always easy. That’s why we love the Ripped30 program. It has easy to follow workouts for only 30 minutes a day. No equipment necessary! Read our review here.


Online TEFL Courses

A TEFL certificate shows that you are certified to teach the English language and qualifies you for higher paying jobs. We got ours from BridgeTEFL and continue our professional development through their courses. Check out our review here.


Course Builder + Host

Teachable makes it easy to quickly build and launch an online course + website. It provides a beautiful and easy-to-navigate experience for students, as well. Their customer support and training videos are both top notch. 


ESL Lessons + Student Management

Interactive ESL lesson content with the power of student management. This app saves you tons of time by providing thousands of interactive lessons for all English levels, allowing you to take on more students because the planning is taken care of.


Ready-Made ESL Lessons

Library with thousands of ESL lessons for adults on a wide range of topics from General English, Business English, and IELTS Test Prep. Lessons range anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes and are based on videos, news articles, biographies, and breaking news stories.

Chase Sapphire

Travel Hacking Credit Card

Take advantage of sign up bonuses and travel for free. Travel hacking has helped us save thousands of dollars on flights and hotels. Our favorite credit card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserved. Learn more from our Travel Hacking 101 blog post.

Chase Southwest

Travel Hacking Credit Card

Southwest Airlines is the best budget airline in the USA, making the Southwest card from Chase our favorite for domestic travel. Earning the companion pass lets you add a travel companion to any flight for free. Read our blog post here.

You Need A Budget

Personal Finance Software

Learn how to make a budget, pay off debt, and save money. This app and website teaches you have to plan and save for all expenses helping you get on the road faster and ensuring you don’t go into debt as a digital nomad. 

Trail Wallet

Travel Expense Tracker

Stay on top of your spending while you’re traveling. This app allows you to easily input all your expenses while your traveling or in every day life. It helps you stick to your travel budget so you don’t come home broke or worse, run out of money.


Email Marketing / List Building

Looking to build an email list and wow them into raving fans and customers? From landing page templates to tip jars making it easy for your audience to support you, ConvertKit is hand down the best tool for making sales and marketing through email. 


Social Media Scheduler

Never forget to post to social media again. Later is more than a scheduler. It takes your Instagram marketing to the next level with the Visual Planner, Analyitics, and the feature that drives traffic to your website.


Rental Housing Platform

Flatio is a rental housing platform for digital nomads, offering hand-picked, mostly deposit-free, and reasonably priced accommodations in over 300 destinations, mainly in Europe, offering lawyer-verified, legally binding lease agreements that can be used as proof of address and for visa purposes.

Epidemic Sound

Royalty Free Music

A library with thousands of royalty-free tracks and sound effects, saving you tons of time searching. It’s perfect for your YouTube channel, podcast, Twitch, and other social media channels.

Travel Essentials

Our favorite gear for travelers, content creators, and online teachers

Osprey Porter Backpack

Having the right luggage makes a big difference. Osprey makes incredible backpacks that last for years. The Osprey Porter comes in three sizes; 65 L, 46 L, and 30 L. The two smaller sizes are perfect carry-on bags. We’ve taken ours on Phish tour, shorter trips, and to music festivals.

Osprey Ariel 65 Women's Backpack

This has been Rachel’s go-to travel backpack since 2013. It’s built to carry larger loads, perfect for long-term travel in varying climates. You can choose different sizes based on your height and waste size. It’s very comfortable to carry on longer trekking trips in Patagonia, for example.

Travel Laptop Backpack

You need a comfortable laptop backpack when you’re constantly moving your office around. This bag is comfortable to carry for extended periods of time, it has a built-in lock + charger, and it’s water proof. Rachel has been using and loving this bag for quite some time.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are like drawers for your backpack or suitcase. They help keep everything organized. You’ll no longer need to pull everthing out to find one little thing in the bottom. They’ll help you save space and save your clothes from getting so wrinkled.

Macbook Air

Digital nomads need a computer that can handle any task but is also light and easy to travel with. An Apple MacBook Air is the best choice. The new models are faster than ever thanks to the new M1 chip. If you’re doing more intense video editing, a MacBook Pro is what you need.

Lenovo Yoga

If you prefer Windows, the Lenovo Yoga is a powerful yet lightweight computer that can do just about anything. Rachel has been using one of these models since 2018. The touchscreen is great for online teaching and the flip-and-fold lid design allows you to set it up in a variety of ways.

Electronic Cable Organizer Bag

Need help keeping things organized? This bag keeps all your cords, cables, memory cards, and other small accessories you use as a digital nomad all in one place. Sasha has a bad habit or leaving things behind or losing them altogether and this bag has made quite the difference. 

DJI Mavic Air 2

A drone adds exciting footage to your videos and travel content. We started with a smaller drone and bought the DJI Mavic Air 2 once we felt more comfortable. It shoots high-quality 4K video footage, takes beautiful photos, and gives you up to 34 minutes of flight time.

DJI Om Smartphone Gimbal Stablilizer

Always get that perfect cell phone shot wherever you go. This smartphone gimbal helps you take smooth videos, flawless selfies, and easily go live on your favorite social media platforms. 

Sony Alpha a6000 Digital Camera

This powerful camera can easily switch from high-quality photo to video mode. Sasha has been using his for many years. It’s perfect for taking professional photos and videos of your travels for your blog or YouTube channel.

GoPro Hero10

A GoPro is the perfect camera for capturing video of your travels, even if you’re not an avid videographer. The Hero10 shoots super high quality, smooth video. Click the button to read all the specs!

WiFi Range Extender

Some places don’t have the WiFi router in a central location, making the signal weak in some areas. Traveling with a WiFi Range Extender will ensure you can work anywhere in your Airbnb/short-term rental.

Portable Laptop Stand

Make your workspace more ergonomic with a laptop stand. It helps your posture and provides a more flattering angle for Zoom calls or teaching English online.

Logitech Headset

Ensure that you can hear and be heard during virtual calls, classes, and interviews while also cutting down the background sounds in noisy locations.

World Wall map

A world wall map is a great teaching background that easily travels with you. Your classroom will always be consistent no matter how often you move and you can show your students where you are in the world.

Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

In the words of Towelie, “You should always bring a towel!” but you don’t want a bulky one that takes up tons of space. These microfiber towels are compact and they dry quickly. 

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This portable and foldable travel bag is easy to pack and keeps your toiletries organized and upright. There are multiple pockets that makes things easy to find. It’s perfect for long-term travel.

trtl Pillow

This travel pillow is scientifically proven to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright. You wear it wrapped around your neck like a scarf and it’s made of soft fleece. It folds up nicely and easily attaches to the handle of your bag.

Sleep Eye Mask

This light blocking sleep mask helps you get plenty of sleep on travel days and in bright bedrooms. It’s made of memory foam, making it super soft and the wide eye space allows more room for blinking or long eyelashes.

Ultra Soft Earplugs

Earplugs are a must for traveling and seeing live music. They help block out noise so you can sleep, study, work, relax, or attend loud events comfortably. We never leave home without them.

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Putting together your traveling classroom can be a nerve-racking task. Since becoming full-time traveling teachers in 2016, we’ve found some pretty useful supplies that every portable classroom should have.

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