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"I have been hunting for a way to sustain a life on the road (with student loan debt!) for so long, and your site is the first to make it seem truly attainable for me, endless gratitude to you for the inspiration!"
- Dani Twichel

Hi! We're Rachel & Sasha

…a couple of music loving digital nomads. And we know why you’re here – you’re different. You dream of a life less ordinary. Perhaps you wanna live abroad or hit the open road with a backpack to experience new cultures. Maybe you wanna quit your job and spend a summer rocking out to live music (like us!). Or you want to find a way to sustain a digital nomad lifestyle so you can travel + rock out anytime. We got you!

From living in Beijing, Bali, and Puerto Vallarta, to traveling Southeast Asia on a gap year, and following our favorite bands, we’ve been doing just that since 2009. And if we can do it, so can you. What are you waiting for – get in the van!

How We Can Help

We moved to China over a decade ago to teach English and never moved home!

After our epic gap year trip, we decided we didn’t want the travel to end. So we learned how to earn money online and sustain a life of full-time travel.

We can help you do the same!

The Digital Nomad Income Blueprint: Free Course!

The Digital Nomad Income Blueprint is a free course designed for anyone who wants to create a sustainable income stream (or multiple) while living a location-independent lifestyle.

What you’ll learn:

  • Various income streams suitable for digital nomads and location-independent entrepreneurs.
  • Tools, resources, and knowledge needed to create sustainable income while living a location-independent lifestyle.
  • Best practices for building a successful online business and achieving financial stability while traveling.

Want to Teach English Online and Travel?

Download our free e-book How to Travel the World as an Online English Teacher and learn:

  • the 3 ways to teach English online
  • how to find the best companies to teach online with
  • how to travel the world while earning money

We’re Here to Help You Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

What are you Looking For?

Travel the World With Us

Not sure where you want to go or looking for information about a specific country? Search by country! We’re always on the go. We’ve been traveling together since 2009 and have now been to 20+ countries together. We document all our travels over on our destinations page.

Turn Your Dream of Location Independence Into Reality

By downloading our 5-step Roadmap to Digital Nomad Lifestyle. You’ll learn how to make the lifestyle possible for you and realize it’s not for “lucky” people. You just need a roadmap to help you get there.

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