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Hey there! We’re Rachel and Sasha, the American couple behind this travel blog for digital nomads and live music fans!

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We’re digital nomads, English teachers, travel bloggers, and content creators. Over the past decade, we’ve lived in China, Indonesia, and Mexico, and traveled to 20+ countries in between. We’re passionate about cultural immersion, adventure travel, and live music.

Our mission is to provide a real-life view of digital nomad life, share up-and-coming destinations, awesome accommodations, and tourism products. We focus on long-term, immersive travel as well vacation destinations. 

Our readers are between the ages of 25-34 and largely North American, from the USA (70%), Mexico (6.5%), and Canada (4%). They love adventure travel and desire to explore new destinations + experience the culture through local food, experiences, and people.

If you think we’re a good fit for your brand, we’d love to introduce your product or destination to our audience!

What We Offer

We are available for a variety of partnerships and services. Possible collaborations include:

  • Press Trips
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog posts
  • Social media coverage
  • High-quality photos 
  • Drone footage
  • Edited video content

Why Work With Us?

Our audience is a highly engaged group of aspiring and professional digital nomads who are eager to experience new destinations.

We have over a decade of experience with travel blogging, photography, and videography.

Rachel has honed her skills all things digital marketing as well as email marketing. Sasha has a degree in video production and has been editing videos for 20 years. 

Work With Rachel

Rachel is a blogger and English language coach for teachers + learners. She has been teaching English since 2010 beginning in classrooms in China then moving online in 2016. That’s also when she started traveling full-time. 

Traveling Teacher Coaching: Rachel offers private 1:1 coaching to aspiring traveling teachers. She works within your timing and budget constraints to ensure you get the most out of it. Click the button below to ask about rates and packages.

Collaborations: Do you have an audience who is interested in full-time travel, digital nomad life, or teaching English online? Let’s collaborate! Here are some ideas:

  • Interviews
  • Freebie Swap
  • Guest Expert Training
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Work With Sasha

Sasha is an English teacher and content creator. He has a degree in Video Editing and Communications from Michigan State University and moved to Beijing after graduation in 2008 to teach English.

Video Production: All of the videos on our sites have been taken and edited by him. If you are in need of a simple video highlighting your project whether it be a hotel/guest house, restaurant, or anything else, he is happy to put together a high-quality, well-edited video for you to use as you please.

Freelance Writing: Looking for a writer? Sasha has written for several online publications on a range of topics within the travel and remote work niche. Sites he’s contributed to include:

Trip Planning: Sasha is a master planner. Seriously! Whether you’re hoping to take a gap year, looking at backpacking Southeast Asia, or just taking a 2-week vacation in Bali, he can point you in the right direction. He’ll help you plan your route, get around, and avoid tourist traps and scams.

Contact him to inquire about rates and packages for each of the above services.

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