4 Incredible Natural Wonders You Can’t Miss in Cyprus

This article was written in collaboration with Abigail Wells.

Are you looking for the perfect destination to explore some breathtaking scenery? Then look no further than Cyprus.

natural wonders of cyprus sea caves
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This beautiful Mediterranean island is home to stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and charming villages that make it a must-visit for all types of travelers, from history buffs to families who want to splash in the warm waves.

Among these natural wonders are four particular places that will take your breath away and create lasting memories.

Let’s take an adventure through each one of these incredible gems – from picturesque waterfalls to rocks from legends – all part of a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Aphrodite’s Rock

natural wonders of cyprus aphrodite's rock
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Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus

According to legend, this beautiful rock formation near Pafos is the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Legend has it that she was created from sea foam – which you can see today as the waves bubble around the base of the rock.

As you gaze out at the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, it’s easy to see why this spot would be considered the birthplace of such a goddess, especially if you’re visiting at sunset.

The beach nearby is a popular spot for swimming and is also a popular spot for proposals, due to the romantic association with the goddess. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking views from atop Aphrodite’s Rock. 

If you’re looking to extend your stay in the area, you may also want to visit the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, which is a World Heritage site located 14 km east of Pafos harbor. Whilst only ruins remain, it certainly provides a space to consider all the people that have walked on the island for thousands of years.

Caledonia waterfalls

natural wonders of cyprus caledonia waterfalls
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Caledonia Waterfalls in Cyprus

There’s something truly atmospheric about the sight of a waterfall crashing into the pool below. And it’s even more gratifying when you find one of these hidden gems at the end of a long hike.

The Caledonia waterfalls in Platres offer both experiences – this 12 metre waterfall at the end of a 3km hike is sure not to disappoint. 

Nestled in the Troodos Mountains and surrounded by lush greenery and natural pools, the cascading waters create an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity. Take a dip in the refreshing pools or simply bask in the serene surroundings – the experience is sure to be unforgettable. 

Troodos Mountains

natural wonders of cyprus troodos mountains
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Troodos Mountains in Cyprus

If you’ve seen a map of Cyprus, it’s abundantly clear that you really can’t miss the Troodos mountains.

The largest mountain range on the island, the Troodos range is covered in forest, in stark contrast to the drier, sandy climate of the beaches and towns. This has made it a haven for the locals and visitors alike, as it’s much cooler, which is welcome in the peak summer heat. 

The dense forest is ideal for hiding in, as well as for privacy, and as a result the range has a long history with rebels – but also monasteries and the Orthodox church.

Modern explorers can still see some relics of days gone by, as there are several monasteries and churches remaining, as well as the carefully preserved mountain village of Fikardou.

This special place still gives an idea of what a town might have looked like in the 18th century and is the perfect place to lose yourself if you’ve got a bit of imagination.

Akrotiri Salt Lake

natural wonders of cyprus akrotiri salt lake
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Akrotiri Salt Lake in Cyprus

Sometimes called Limassol Salt Lake due to its location near the town of the same name, this amazing landmark is one of the Mediterranean’s most important wetland areas.

Best seen in the winter months, when the water level is higher, the lake is home to flamingos, cranes, birds of prey, and other wader species of birds, making it a fascinating place for nature lovers.

It’s not just birds that nest here either – green turtles and loggerhead sea turtles also come to the lake to hatch and raise their young.

Make sure to be quiet and leave the animals alone and you’re sure to see some amazing sights. And, of course, don’t forget your camera.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Cyprus

Whether you’re traveling as a family to Cyprus, solo, as a couple, or part of a larger group, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained on this beautiful island.

Make sure to leave time to venture away from the beach to explore more of what the island country has to offer – you won’t be disappointed.

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