Gnomads’ Guide to Spain: Embarking on a Whimsical Journey Across the Country

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Are you prepared for a trip full of magic and enchantment? Pack your bags and bring a ton of curiosity, we’re going on an adventure to Spain, a place steeped in wonder and whimsical charm.

The country is brimming with surprises, from the fanciful architecture of Barcelona to the mystical woodlands of Galicia and the offbeat museums in between, so keep reading.

Enchanting Cities and Towns


Many consider the pulsating metropolis of Barcelona as Antoni Gaudí’s playground. Here, you can admire his unique and whimsical architectural style from several famous structures scattered throughout the city.

Sagrada Familia, with its soaring spires and delicate features, is a church that seems like it was taken directly from a fairy tale, so get ready to be astounded by its stunning design.

guide to spain barcelona
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Photo by Daniel Corneschi on Unsplash

Also, don’t miss Park Guell, home to vibrant mosaics and odd sculptures. This popular attraction will have you captivated and wandering for hours.

With the help of Exoticca, a reputable travel agency well-known for its best of Spain tours and other fantastic bargains across the world, you can embark on a vacation in Barcelona that is unlike any other. You can explore the charming streets and take in Antoni Gaudi’s whimsical architecture by taking the City Tour included in the package.

By ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey, Exoticca enables you to fully experience the beauty of Barcelona’s unique attractions while creating priceless memories along the way.


Valencia is a city known for its picturesque architecture and vibrant streets. An old silk exchange known as La Lonja de la Seda features magnificent Gothic architecture that will take us back to a previous era.

guide to spain la lonja de la seda valencia
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La Lonja de la Seda | Photo by Northleg Official on Unsplash

And don’t forget to stroll through the fanciful trails of the Turia Gardens, an urban sanctuary that will steal your breath away with its natural splendor.


This enchanted hamlet never fails to win the hearts of its visitors with its centuries-old Alcázar, a castle that appears to have been lifted directly from a children’s book. Wandering through the winding alleyways is a must-do as well.

It will give the impression of a mystical labyrinth where mysteries can be discovered around every corner.

Charming Festivals

La Tomatina Festival

The town of Buñol, and more specifically its annual festival known as La Tomatina, is considered to be the epicenter of Spain’s festive spirit.

It’s the massive, world-famous tomato fight shown in every news outlet practically everywhere around the globe, where everyone is having a great time and laughing. It’s a messy, messy good time that is certain to capture the nomad attitude of welcoming the unconventional.

Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is an event that should not be missed by everyone looking for some extra excitement in their lives. In this exhilarating and slightly risky event, you can watch some courageous individuals run alongside these huge beasts.

guide to spain running with the bulls pamploma
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Photo by San Fermin Pamplona – Navarra on Unsplash

The enthusiasm and energy that can be felt in the air is infectious, it is a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience that we can add to our whimsical adventure.

Whimsical Nature Escapes

Fragas do Eume

If Mother Nature is calling, out to explore the mysterious woodlands of Galicia you must go. Be surrounded by towering trees and rich foliage in the Fragas do Eume, a natural park of mystical beauty and ethereal atmosphere. Its intricate network of trails provides ample opportunities for venturing off the beaten path and stumbling upon unexpected wonders.

Caves of Drach

Heading to Mallorca, we recommend visiting the Caves of Drach to experience an enchanting subterranean realm. This unusually beautiful landscape of stalactites and stalagmites may seem to have been plucked from the imagination, but we guarantee you it is very real.

While making your way through these caverns, the views will ignite your sense of adventure and fascination. You may also find inspiration in these unique settings.

Quirky Museum

Dalí Theatre-Museum

At the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, art and whimsy come together harmoniously. These strange pieces of Salvador Dalí’s art will confound your thoughts and unleash your imagination. It is a world where clocks melt and elephants walk on their tiptoes, imploring us to open our minds to and appreciate the enchantment of the unexpected.

guide to spain figueres
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Photo by Olesia Libra on Unsplash

Unusual Accommodations

Andalusia’s Cave Homes

Why should we make do with the ordinary when we have the opportunity to experience something extraordinary? If you love whimsical, cave dwellings should serve as your place of residence in Andalusia.

These little homes, tucked way below, provide a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience that is not only cozy but also brimming with allure. When wrapped in the embrace of Earth while we sleep, we will genuinely feel connected to the whimsy side of Spain.

Catalonia’s Tree Houses

The treehouse getaways in Catalonia are a dream come true for anybody looking for the outdoor experience of a lifetime. Imagine waking up amidst the forest with the sun streaming through the leaves as you eagerly anticipate the day ahead.

It serves as a good reminder that the accommodations that bring us closer to nature are sometimes the most enchanting places to stay.

Tips for Embracing Whimsy

Want to fill your adventures with even more whimsical charm? Here are some simple pointers that will help you take on the nomad mindset and make the most of your time in Spain:

  • Be open to new ideas and experiences.
  • Unleash your inner child and nomad to play.
  • To make your trip memorable, seek odd sights, hidden gems, and offbeat activities.
  • Take lots of pictures so you won’t forget the fun and unusual places you visited.
  • Talk to the locals, have fun, and learn about the culture for a truly unforgettable holiday.
  • Be inquisitive, learn everything you can about the places you visit, and let your curiosity lead the way.
  • Every adventure is another part of your crazy tale, so write it well.
  • Take advantage of the unexpected since those moments are often the most memorable.
  • Share your happiness with the world and encourage fellow tourists, residents, and online pals to find their inner nomad.
magic fountain barcelona
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The Magic Fountain in Barcelona

Final Thoughts

Visiting Spain will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Participating in unusual events and exploring the country’s seemingly ethereal scenery and distinctive attractions will lead you to incredible and unconventional adventures.

So keep on going and seeking the peculiar in everyday situations, as the stories and memories of your holiday are certain to stay long after you’ve left the land.

Happy travels!

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