Phish Summer Tour 2022 Travel Guide

It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off that old lot tee, cancel your haircut, and load up on grilled cheese supplies. That’s right, friends – it’s time for Phish summer tour 2022!

As we have for the past few years, we’re happy to bring you another Phish summer tour guide. We’ll take a look at the whole tour, giving recommendations for hotels, restaurants, breweries, and dispensaries.

So far this year, Phish has played at the Moon Palace for their Riviera Maya event and Madison Square Garden for the re-scheduled NYE run. Everyone is talking about dolphins and whales, and we’re all excited to see where Phish summer tour 2022 takes us.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s get this show on the road!

An Intro to Phish Summer Tour 2022

Technically, there’s actually a Phish spring tour this year. The band kicks things off over Memorial Day weekend and goes all the way until their usual end-of-summer Labor Day blowout.

The spring tour is a bit short and scattered, as it’s eight shows in three spots — two in the south and one in the midwest. Once summer hits, it’s off to the races. There are 22 shows between the spring fling and Dick’s, mostly on the east coast but with some solid midwest love and even a trip to Canada (eh).

As far as the breakdown goes, here are the stats for Phish summer tour 2022:

  • Number of Shows: 34
  • Number of States: 15 (plus Ontario)
  • Number of 1-Night Runs: 6
  • Number of 2-Night Runs: 6
  • Number of 3-Night Runs: 4
  • Number of 4-Night Runs: 1

It’s definitely going to be a big summer for the Phish from Vermont! Personally, I’m a bit surprised to see them doing 3-night runs at both Deer Creek and Atlantic City again after just going them last summer. This will also be the first-ever 4-night run at Dick’s.

Excitement is high for this upcoming tour and it’ll be here before you know it. Let’s take a closer look at each leg of the tour with some recommendations for places to stay, eat, and drink.

Disclaimer – all accommodation options were available and the time of publication. Some links may be affiliate links and if you make a purchase or booking, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support!

Bookmark this post as it has restaurant recommendations nearby most venues as well as options for things to do in your downtime, if you don’t wanna rage lots, that is.

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Rachel and Sasha at the Gorge for Phish summer tour
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Phish summer tour 2022 is gonna be great!

May 27-29 Wharf Amphitheater: Orange Beach, AL

Phish summer tour 2022 kicks off at the beach with a 3-night run in Alabama. Many fans are excited to head to the beach for Memorial Day weekend with our favorite band.

That being said, none of the shows are sold out yet. Perhaps it’s because WSMFP is also playing a 3-night run in Alabama that weekend. It would be funny if they were in the same town but they aren’t. It would be like the Civil Wook War if so.

Anyways, back to the shows… the Wharf Amphitheater is a 10,000-person venue that’s definitely a hotspot for country music. I mean, this is Alabama after all. The rest of their summer calendar is full of names like Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley, so it should be interesting to see how they react to the circus coming to town.

Much to my surprise, Phish has actually played here before. It looks like they played a solid show there on 8/1/2014, actually. I’m sure it’s going to be tons of fun, but Memorial Day weekend means Summer Camp for us. We still did some research to give you some ideas on where to stay and eat, though!

*Edited to add that a local fan tuned us into a pre-party going on (a Phish Phry as they call it) with Rollin’ in the Hay at the Undertow. Click here for details. There’s also a Shakedown Street Music Festival going on that weekend. Time to rage, Orange Beach!

Where to Stay in Orange Beach

Click here to see all accommodation in Orange Beach.

Gulf Shores, AL is right next door and has other accommodation options. Click here to see those.

Where to Eat in Orange Beach

Breweries and Bars in Orange Beach

May 31-June 1 Credit One Stadium: Charleston, SC

After a well-earned Memorial Day off, Phish summer tour 2022 heads to the Palmetto State. It’s a two-night, mid-week run in Charleston at Credit One Stadium. I don’t know much about Charleston as I’ve never been, but it looks like this place is a ways away from downtown.

It’s a very rare chance to see Phish play at a tennis stadium and the place only holds 11,000. This will be their first time at this venue, having played all 3.0 shows so far at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Even though the shows are Tuesday and Wednesday, they are sold out and proving to be a tough ticket. Make sure you’ve got your alerts set and your gold membership for Cash or Trade!

If you’re looking for something fun to do before the shows, a fan recommended Charleston Speed Boat Tours.

Where to Stay in Charleston

Where to Eat in Charleston (near the venue)

Breweries in Charleston

charleston g7241f7819 640
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Charleston, SC; Image by 1778011 from Pixabay

June 3-5 Deer Creek: Noblesville, IN

Ah, good ole’ Deer Creek. The sight of my first Phish camping experience in 2003. They played three nights back then and didn’t have another 3-night run until last year. It’s awesome to see them coming back for another one so soon this time!

In case you forgot what happened there last year, may I direct your attention to the “Simple” they played on my birthday… (8/6/21)

There have been many legendary Phish shows at Deer Creek. The band has played at all the various incarnations of the venue 26 times. And regardless of what corporate name is slapped on the sign at the time, we’ve always called it Deer Creek.

While there may be more subdivisions than cornfields these days, this is still a special place to see Phish. There are plenty of campgrounds in the area and it definitely has a sort of festival vibe with the huge Shakedown here.

These will be our first shows since the Halloween run in Las Vegas and we couldn’t be more excited!

Where to Stay in Noblesville

With the venue being kinda out there, it’s best to camp. They have on-site camping and there are plenty of other campgrounds in the area. But if you really can’t sleep in a tent for three days, here are the two nearest hotels with availability:

Where to Eat in Noblesville

Breweries in Noblesville

Sunset over deer creek while Phish gets the grooves going.
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Sunset at Deer Creek

July 14-15 Great Woods: Mansfield, MA

There’s quite a long break in between the first leg of the tour and the next. We’re keeping ourselves entertained by going to see the Biscuits in Philly and Goose at Radio City.

Whoops. Did I just mention Goose in a Phish post? Uh oh…

Anyways… east coast fans can finally quit their bitchin’ because they’re getting a ton of shows this summer, starting with this 2-night run. Phish summer tour 2022 rolls on at the Xfinity Center, AKA Great Woods.

It looks like it’s somewhere between Boston and Providence, which makes me want to watch “Outside Providence.” I’m sure Drugs Delaney would have gone on Phish summer tour 2022 if he was still with us. What a great movie…

Sorry, I tend to get off track. Let’s get back on the train here.

Phish has played Great Woods a bunch of times dating back to 1992, so they’re no strangers to this venue. Their last show here was in 2016, though, so it’s been a while.

The shows are Thursday and Friday, so there are way more tickets available for the first night. Even so, there’s still plenty of pav space for night two. I wish we could swing this run but it’s not in the cards for us.

Where to Stay in Mansfield for Phish Summer Tour 2022

Where to Eat in Mansfield

Breweries Near Mansfield

Dispensaries Near Mansfield

Phish Albany 2018
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We’re coming to your town, we’ll help you party down.

July 16 Maine Savings Amphitheater: Bangor, ME

Capping off this 3-night weekend is an evening at the venue formerly known as Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion. It’s about a 4-hour and 20-minute drive here from the last show, so that’s super heady.

While that’s not too bad, it’s double that to the next stop. We’ll see how many tour rats go all the way up to Maine for a one-night stand. The place holds 15,000 and there are still some decent seats up for grabs.

The last time Phish was here, they played two nights on the 2019 summer tour. That 6/26/19 show had a very weird setlist with a ton of teases, so we’ll see what they decide to play this time around.

Whatever they play, I’m sure it will be fun and lots of lobstah rolls will be consumed. We still haven’t even been to Maine, but I don’t think we’re going to make it all the way up there for a stand-alone Phish show.

Where to Stay in Bangor

Where to Eat in Bangor

Breweries in Bangor

Dispensaries in Bangor

July 19-20 The Mann: Philadelphia, PA

Boy. Mann. God. Shit.

Phish summer tour 2022 goes to the City of Brotherly Love (and the nitrous mafia) next. Fun fact — it will be just a day over 30 years to the date since the first time they played here when they opened for Santana on 7/18/1992.

Phish played at the Mann three years in a row from 2014 to 2016, so Philly is definitely primed and ready for their glorious return to this classic venue. It’s a hot ticket and both nights are totally sold out. Better come prepared with a heady trade if you want to get into this one…

We’ve never seen Phish at the Mann but have been for City Bisco before and are going back in June. Have a blast if you make it to the Phish run!

Where to Stay in Philadelphia

Where to Eat in Philadelphia

It’s Philly so you have to eat a cheesesteak. I sourced the other options below from this thread in the You Enjoy MyFood Facebook group.

Breweries in Philadelphia

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View of Philly from the Mann.

July 22-23 Bethel Woods: Bethel, NY

From the Mann, Phish gets a day off before a 2-night run at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It’s only a 3-hour drive between the two, or a little more if you want to take a quick detour to King of Prussia, PA…

This venue is kind of a big deal, as it’s where the original Woodstock Festival took place in 1969. The amphitheater only holds 15,000, though, so you won’t be enjoying the show with half a million other wooks thankfully.

Phish has only played here once before. The band played a 3-night run over Memorial Day weekend in 2011 that included an epic “Waves” soundcheck the night before. It’s been over a decade since then, so expectations are high for this run in the thick of Phish summer tour 2022.

There are still lawn tickets available for Friday, but Saturday is sold out. Start looking now if you want to ensure you get in both nights.

Where to Stay in Bethel

Click here to see a list of places that still have availability. They’re either expensive or far away.

There are several hotels and campsites nearby the venue but it seems like they’re all booked up. If you really want to go, keep an eye on Cash or Trade and Facebook groups for people who need to get rid of a room or campsite last minute.

Where to Eat in Bethel

Breweries and Bars Near Bethel

July 24 Xfinity Theatre: Hartford, CT

How many venues did America’s least-favorite cable company put their stupid name on? Apparently a lot… This particular one is in Hartford and used to be called Meadows Music Theatre.

This place is absolutely massive, with a pavilion holding 7,500 and enough room for 22,500 barefoot children dancing on the lawn. They might actually pay you to take a lawn seat for this one.

That’s all they have left at this point for a Saturday night east coast throwdown, so I’d probably take them up on it if they offered. As it turns out, my only experience with Phish and Connecticut will remain junking Pete’s car there on the way home from Coventry. Worst. Show. Ever.

Where to Stay in Hartford

Where to Eat in Hartford

Breweries in Hartford

Phish Behind Stage
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There’s no place like a Phish show!

July 26-27 Jones Beach: Wantagh, NY

What’s a NYC-area beach town like? I have no idea because I’ve never been to one, but I imagine you’ll find out if you go to these shows. Phish summer tour 2022 heads to Jones Beach next for a mid-week run.

As is the case with many venues on this tour, Phish is very familiar with this place. They first played the outdoor arena 30 years ago as part of the H.O.R.D.E. tour with Blues Traveler, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Widespread Panic, and the Spin Doctors. I was seven so I wasn’t there, but it sounds rad.

Researching the venue, I found that they recently did a big renovation of the place since the last time Phish played here. That was 2013, in case you were wondering. Fun fact — there used to be a moat here. They should probably bring it back.

It’s been even longer since they’ve played multiple nights here, which they did in 2012, 2010, and 2009. I should note that I just looked up the summer 2009 tour and spent far too much time reminiscing on it. After all, that was the Summer of Bruce and Rachel’s first experience seeing Phish!

Where to Stay in Jones Beach

Where to Eat in Jones Beach

Breweries in Jones Beach

July 29 Walnut Creek: Raleigh, NC

Even though it’s a Friday night in July, chances are that a lot of people skip this show. Why? Because it’s a 9-hour drive here from Jones Beach for one show and then another 4.5 hours to the next stop.

A lot of locals and NC heads will show up in full force, though, including lots of our friends. After all, Phish has played some pretty legendary shows at Walnut Creek. See 7/22/97 for reference.

It may be named after a bank these days, but it’ll always be Walnut Creek to phans. This place has room for about 7,000 under the roof and another 13,000 on the lawn (boy). The pav is sold out but there are plenty of tickets left for the lawn.

Even though we’ll be in Asheville, it’s looking unlikely we’ll make this one. It’s about a 6-hour drive and we’re heading in the opposite direction so I can join my brothers in Nashville for Summer Slam before the Phish midwest dates.

Where to Stay in Raleigh

Where to Eat in Raleigh

Breweries in Raleigh

phish lights
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CK5 lighting it up!

July 30-31 MPP: Columbia, MD

Next up for the Phish is a 2-night run at a venue that needs no introduction — Merriweather Post Pavilion. This is another venue the band first played back in ’92 when they were opening for Santana. They’ve played here 19 times in total and it’s become a staple on 3.0 summer tours.

MPP has been named in several “best venues in the country” lists and it recently underwent some major renovations. We’ve never been but have heard great things about this east coast shed.

Not surprisingly, pav tickets are sold out for both nights. Lawn tickets are still available, though. I wish we could finally check this venue off our Phish bucket list but not this year…

Where to Stay in Columbia

Where to Eat in Columbia

Breweries in Columbia

August 2 Blossom: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Fans hoping to see Phish’s floating hot dog on display have a chance at the next stop. Blossom Music Center isn’t too far from Cleveland and there’s a day off before the show, so it’s the perfect chance to hit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

On that tour with Santana 30 years ago, all members of Phish actually sat in with the guitar legend on 7/31/92. He doesn’t have anything scheduled that week, so could he possibly repay the favor? Probably not, but a guy can dream.

After playing here every year from 2010 to 2012, Phish has only returned in 2015 and 2019. They’re long overdue for a barnburner of a Tuesday night in the Mistake By the Lake, and we plan to be there for Rachel’s first show at Blossom (I saw Radiohead there in 2008).

Where to Stay in Cuyahoga Falls

Where to Eat in Cuyahoga Falls

Breweries in Cuyahoga Falls

August 3 Pine Knob: Clarkston, MI

You may have noticed that I’ve been replacing corporate names with their originals. Well, I don’t even need to do that for this one, as Pine Knob is officially back, baby! Suck it, DTE.

As much as I loathe this place (awful parking, security check, and lawn), it is my hometown venue. I cut my teeth in the lot here for the Dead, Allman Brothers, and Pink Floyd laser light shows in high school. How many beers I’ve been forced to dump out there…

Phish doesn’t seem to like Detroit Rock City much, as they’ve only graced us with their presence three times in 3.0. They played in 2009 at Cobo, which I missed and cried about. I also missed the 2011 Pine Knob show but finally made it for 2014, where we took a party bus with a huge crew.

We will most definitely be in attendance and are ISO two pavs if you have any leads! We’re skipping the party bus and driving ourselves, so we’ll be there when lots open.

Let’s rage!

Where to Stay Near Pine Knob

Where to Eat Near Pine Knob

Breweries Near Pine Knob

Phish summer tour 2022
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Party bus for Phish!

August 5-7 Atlantic City Beach: Atlantic City, NJ

?Put your tye-dye on, fix your dreads up pretty, and meet me at Phish in Atlantic City.?

I can hear the tanks whizzing and smell the corn dogs. It looked like a wild time on the boardwalk last year and Phish summer tour 2022 returns for round two.

Often referred to as “Shitty Mexico,” the AC shows have been fodder for some hilarious memes. We’re even been in one of them…

These shows fall during my birthday weekend this year, so I’d love to make it. I know tickets will be on the ground, but accommodation prices are insane. If you have any tips or room on your couch/floor, please hit me up! Help me get birthday show #5 on the boardwalk.

Where to Stay in Atlantic City

I managed to find two places for less than $1K for the three days of the shows:

A fan also recommended Bass River State Forest for camping, which is a 30-minute drive from the boardwalk.

Where to Eat in Atlantic City

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Atlantic City

atlantic city gee236e686 640
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Image by 1778011 from Pixabay

August 10 Budweiser Stage: Toronto, CA

Get your best Terrence & Phillip impression ready, because Phish is going back to Canada, buddy! It’s pretty funny that a venue previously named after Molson is now called Budweiser Stage. That makes my grandma happy (long story).

Unfortunately for many fans, you need a passport to get to this show. It’s likely to be a crowd of mostly locals on a Wednesday night as such. If you feel like making the trek, there are still plenty of tickets in the upper pavilion.

The last time Phish was here, they debuted “Ruby Waves” on 6/18/2019. What surprises do they have in store for the Canadian crowd this time? We won’t be in attendance to find out as we’re headed out to Colorado around that time to jump on bird band tour.

Where to Stay in Toronto

Where to Eat in Toronto

Breweries in Toronto

Dispensaries in Toronto

August 12-14 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI

Speaking of “Ruby Waves,” ‘member that Alpine 2019 version? *Drools on keyboard*

This is easily one of the most legendary venues in Phish’s storied career. The band first played Alpine Valley in 1996 and they’ve played here 20 times so far. It was a 2-night stop for many years, but this will be the 2nd time in a row with three nights to stretch out.

I have mixed feelings about Alpine. On the one hand, I’ve seen some amazing Phish shows here. On the other hand, it sucks — the lot (or lack thereof), the cops, the steep hill, and the lack of decent accommodation nearby.

I’m sure Phish will burn the house down to end summer tour, but we’ll be tuning in from the couch this time around…

Where to Stay Near Alpine Valley

There isn’t a whole lot near Alpine Valley in terms of accommodation, and most places get booked up well in advance. We found a few places with availability within a 30-minute drive. You might also want to look into campgrounds in the area.

Where to Eat Near Alpine Valley

There are also plenty of options in Lake Geneva, which is about a 30-minute drive from the venue. Click here to check them out.

Breweries Near Alpine Valley

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Alpine Valley 2015

September 1-4 Dick’s: Commerce City, CO

It’s clear by now that Phish really, really loves Dick’s. In the 11th installment of their Labor Day wook-stravaganza, they even added a 4th night.

Coming at the end of a massive tour, these shows are sure to be fuego. Dick’s is basically a destination run at this point and somewhat of a rite of passage for fans. Funny for a soccer field near a dog food factory…

We’ve been to Dick’s in ’13, ’16, ’19, and ’21. We had to break our “every three years” rule last year when tickets popped up. It’s totally sold out again, so only time will tell if we make it back for round five.

Where to Stay in Denver

Where to Eat and Drink Near Dick’s

Dispensaries Near Dick’s

Phish summer tour 2022
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Phish <3s Dick’s.

See You On Phish Summer Tour!

Well, that does it for this Phish summer tour 2022 travel guide. We hope it’s been helpful and entertaining as you plan your Phish adventure this year.

To recap, we’ll be at Deer Creek, Blossom, and Pine Knob. If we can find a reasonably priced place to stay for AC, we’d love to hit that as well for my birthday. And of course, we’ll never rule out another round of swingin’ Dick’s.

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes. There’s lots of dancing on the lawn to come this summer, and we can’t wait to see you out there!

-Sasha and Rachel

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