How To Plan That Trip You’ve Been Dreaming About

Do you constantly find yourself daydreaming of travel, yet find it hard to convert those dreams into reality?

It’s easy to be deterred from chasing your travel dreams. You need to choose a destination and research it – visas, health, safety, culture. There’s all the logistics involved, like getting time off work, booking transportation and accommodation, and planning the trip itself. And let’s not forget saving and budgeting for your trip. With all that added up, it’s easy to throw in the towel and just stay home. How many times have you said to yourself, “Self, you are going to travel to XXX by the end of the year!” only for the end of the year to roll around and you haven’t ventured outside your comfort zone? Or you decide to take that trip but make a ton of mistakes along the way…

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Visit ancient temples in Myanmar

One time we were traveling in Penang, Malaysia and showed up without any accommodation booked. It was a popular time of year, and every hostel seemed full. In desperation, we ended up taking the first thing that was open. The next day, I woke up covered in bed bug bites. GROSS! A little planning ahead could have avoided this.

Another time, we showed up in Luang Prabang, Laos during Chinese New Year – an insanely busy time for the tiny town – which made finding a place to stay quite difficult. We ended up dragging our bags around in the hot sun for an hour before finding a place, only to be told we needed to leave the next day.

Then there was that time in Mexico where Sasha threw away his immigration card thinking he didn’t need it. We almost missed our flight home trying to get him a new one! Plus, we had to pay a fee!

We’ve had our fair share of travel fails, that’s for sure.

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This is the view you’ll get from the sunset side of Dondet in the 4,000 Islands, Laos.

These days, our travels tend to go a lot more smoothly. We’ve developed a system for researching, saving, booking, budgeting, and actually pulling off trips that minimize stress and mistakes. While some loathe the process of trip planning, we actually enjoy it! Every step gets us closer and closer to that travel dream, whether it’s seeing our favorite band in Las Vegas for Halloween or climbing a volcano in Indonesia.

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Mt. Rinjani – the 2nd tallest volcano in Indonesia.

Make Those Travel Dreams a Reality

Are you ready to make those travel dreams come true? Ready to stop simply looking at stunning travel photos and take your own? To be the one telling amazing travel stories rather than reading them?

Then join us for a 30-day challenge to turn your travel dreams into a reality: click here to sign up!

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Over the course of the month, you’ll get tips and pointers on all things travel planning. From choosing the right dates for your trip to scoring the cheapest flight, to sorting out the perfect accommodation, to mastering the arduous task of packing, we’ll help guide you towards achieving those travel dreams. You’ll be joined by other prospective travelers and will motivate each other throughout the month. Oh, and it’s totally free! We realize your time and inbox space are very valuable, so we’ll only be sending you two emails a week over the course of four weeks.

Sign up by Wednesday, May 17th,  and you’ll automatically be entered to win a 30-minute Skype call with us where you can ask us anything about planning your trip! Pick our brains about choosing a destination, saving money, booking flights, anything! Go ahead and sign up here if you can’t wait to hit the road on that dream trip. We’ll be starting on May 17th!

4 thoughts on “How To Plan That Trip You’ve Been Dreaming About”

  1. It is so true that you really can’t begin to imagine how to plan a trip until you actually have been on one! My hubby and I lived in Spain for a few months and spent every weekend planning regional travel. By the end we were pros, but the first few weekends were full of fails! I seriously could have used so much travel help like this! Sounds like an awesome challenge.

    1. travel dreams

      It really is true the more you travel the better you become. Our first big trip was so full of mistakes. We’re offering this challenge so others can avoid the same pitfalls and have the best trip possible.

  2. Thank you offering this awesome information! Our family desperately wants to go back to SE Asia next year, so we can really use your advice and counsel to make it happen. We want to be able to afford and enjoy this trip and with your help I know we can make it happen! What a great idea to offer the 30 minute Skype call 😉 If I was selected, it would be great to get some additional advice, given we’re traveling with five people!
    Looking forward to it!

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