Villa Life in Bali

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There are lots of amazing things about traveling or living in Bali. You’ve got beaches, rice fields, temples, waterfalls, and volcanoes to explore. You can surf, hike, do yoga, cycle, and go snorkeling or diving.¬†Amazing restaurants and bars number in the hundreds. It’s possible to watch a stunning sunset and then go out and party until it rises the next morning.

One of the best things about Bali, though, is staying in your own private villa. Why stay in some chain hotel when you can get your own villa with a pool and a view of the rice fields?

Indeed, villa life in Bali is the good life.

Villa Life in Bali
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One of our favorite villas we’ve stayed in.

Thanks to websites like Airbnb, it’s possible to rent out incredible villas all across Bali.

Most are located in tourist centers like the beach towns of the south or the yogi Mecca of Ubud, but it’s also possible to find great villas in more remote locations – up on the cliffs of the Bukit peninsula or among the rice fields in a small village.

Some are small and are perfect for that romantic getaway, such as the one pictured above that we rented during our Bali honeymoon on a budget.

Villa Life in Bali
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This place is huge!

Others are massive, like this entire compound we rented out when my mom and sisters came to visit.

It’s a 2-bedroom house with two additional Indonesian joglo houses, a beautiful garden, and an infinity pool looking out into a canyon. Why stay in a hotel you can find in Anywhere, USA when you can get a place like this and spend less?

If you’re not signed up for Airbnb yet, you can score an awesome Balinese villa for even less – just sign up using our link and you’ll get $40 towards your first trip!

Villa Life in Bali
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A great villa in Sanur.

During our 9-month stint in Bali, we were #blessed to be able to stay in quite a few epic villas. Thanks to the sheer amount of visitors we got – more in under a year in Bali than in 5+ years in China – we were able to show our friends and family the island and stay together in style every time.

Check out our post with 15 Awesome Bali Villas if you want to learn more details and find out exactly how much we paid for these places. Chances are you’ll soon be trolling Airbnb on your lunch break planning your dream trip to the Island of the Gods.

Just be warned that it’s even harder to leave paradise when these are the kinds of places you can call home during your vacation.

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Have you been to Bali? Did you rent any villas on your trip or did you stay in a hotel? Let us know about your experience!

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